Join a small group today!

Small groups are based on the model of how Jesus discipled the twelve apostles and how He ministered on earth. The groups consist of people who want to study the Bible, fellowship, pray and serve. You also will mature as the group stays accountable to each other and learn to use their gifts. To keep the group small and intimate we like to see a maximum of 12 people.

Men, Women, Couples, Teens & College Groups

There are groups just for men or just for women. Couples meet and we have groups for teens and college students.  You can select which day of the week is best for you. Most groups meet twice a month on the same day of the week. Meetings are held at the church, homes, businesses and even coffee shops.

Meetings are designed to last approximately 90 minutes. Everything that is shared in the group is confidential.

Are you ready to lead a group?

Not sure? Check out three inspirational teachings from Pastor Larry that will encourage you to embrace the challenges and joys of starting your own SCF Small Group. He also provides Bible lesson plans.

Contact Val Gorka at 658-7646, ext 20, or [email protected] for more information or to request to join a group. You can also stop by the Information Center in the foyer.

If you are assigned to a group that doesn’t work out simply contact Val and she will find another group for you. It happens … so please don’t give up if the first group doesn’t work out.